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 e la luna? - Zimmer 16 - Berlin - 26/06/2009

Text & Pics: Misha

Berlin in June. The city is drawn in the scent of the lime tree blossom. The evening air is saturated with lights, conversations in 1000 languages, patches of distant music, trams’ bells and hopes and expectations on the verge of fulfilling. I read in the guide to Berlin about Hohenzollern prince who carefully chooses the time to parade on Unter Den Linten Avenue, together with his deer herd. Of course, it has to be an evening in June, the lime tree season. Then, the sweet scent is descending from the trees, together with cooled air, penetrating into every cell of a human’s body and playing tricks with its senses. It is definitely going to help the prince to persuade a new concubine…

It was a matter of pure luck we saw the advertisement of Zimmer 16 about the concert of …e la luna? this Friday. So our dream to see them live was also going to be fulfilled!.. Zimmer 16 is a small joint in Pankow, a workers district in East Berlin. It seems like the Dutch owner of the establishment just smashed a few walls more, this time between two or three apartments, to make enough space for a small bar and a podium. The result is a quite cosy place, perfect for a jazz or chamber music concert.

Three members of …e la luna?, Eva Spagna (vocal), Martin Klenk (cello, saxes, melodica) and Holger Schliestedt (guitars) fill the place with warm and frolic tunes. They sing classic Italian canzones in their own chamber jazz way, making the traditional songs sound like some newly invented jazz stream. Let’s say, canzone jazz. Eva’s beautiful, a little boyish voice sounds just perfect in the small space like this. However, I can imagine that it could be strong enough to fill much bigger halls as well. Let’s say, Ahoy during the North Sea Jazz Festival? The guys are at ease, Eva is continuously making jokes, and a small audience seems a big family, gathered together for a reunion and intensely enjoying the company. So were we, we also drank wine and also felt ourselves a part of the family. Unfortunately, still too small family of the …e la luna?-funs. Let’s hope, it will get bigger, and may be, we will see them cheering Ahoy up during NSJF one day?

Oh, year, here is a tip, but only for the family members: if you hang around a bit longer after the concert, you will get a ride home in Martin’s car :-)

Read my review of their album “Tre!”, also here on , to get a better impression of their music:

Set list:

- BARTALI (P.Conte)
- C’É PIÚ SAMBA (Playboy-Buarque de Hollanda)
- LA CASA (Bardotti-Vinicius de Moraes / Sergio Endrigo)
- FELINO (Eva Spagna/Martin Klenk)
- LA CANZONE DEL SOLE (Mogol/Battisti)
- LA GATTA (Gino Paoli)
- LA NOTTE É FATTA PER RUBARE (Chiaramonte/Umiliani)
- PERSONALITÀ (Pinchi- Giona-Logan-Price)
- QUELLA COSA CHE (Eva Spagna/Holger Schliestedt)
- SABATO NOTTE (Verde/Canfora)
- STORIA D’AMORE (L. Beretta/M. Del Prete/ Celentano)
- VIVA LA PAPPA COL POMODORO (Lina Wertmüller-Nino Rota)
- ROSA SENZA IRONIA (Eva Spagna/ Martin Klenk)

Aangemeld door Misha

vera on Wednesday 18 November 2009 - 14:38:41




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