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All That Remains Are The Songs We Have Written...

Interview with vocalist Chris Jericho from Fozzy on 14/01/2005 by Vera

The new Fozzy album is a killer album that will surprise every good rocking boy in town. ‘All That Remains’ is above all a decent American stunner with loads of charm. Those who get a bit into American rock coming from the heart, with a bunch of eclectic guitar vibes will have a good time listening to this third effort of Fozzy. Who’s Fozzy? What’s Fozzy? Read everything about it in the following interview!

FOZZY: All That Remains

It’s a hallowed evening when I got Chris Jericho on the phone. Me: sitting home with my questions and equipment. He: living in a flash at Florida Airport, flying to Minneapolis. Folks, there are no distances anymore, only mind-wise, but that has nothing to do with this article. I can image: Chris sitting there with his bags, interrupted in far away distance by female non-personal voice with airport messages. We, talking on the phone to create an article. That’s just the way it went.


What’s happening with you in the United States at the moment? I guess Fozzy is doing well?

Yeah, we just released our third album and we built up our fan base with every record we made, so hopefully with this record we reach even more people.

I think so, because there are some important differences in style and there’s no more covers on ‘All That Remains’…

Yes, we just started as a cover band, just for fun, hanging round with friends and playing our favourite songs. But we realized there is much more chemistry in songwriting and do our own thing. We worked very hard on the songs to make it a great record and really show the people what we can do with this band. In many ways this can be seen as our first record.

It is quite different from the rest you made…

This is our real own style of music. When you play cover songs, obviously you play other people’s style and music. Also for the singer, when you play an Iron Maiden song you ought to sing it the way Bruce Dickinson did it. Now we are doing our own style, lyrically, our own feeling as a band.

There are songs which remind me of the grunge period, others are thrash, hardcore, even rap…

Because we are fans of it all. Indeed there are sensitive parts, a radio song like ‘Enemy’, some thrash and rap parts, all kind of styles the band is involved with and we like.

You did a fantastic job on vocals, better than ever…

Thank you, I appreciate that a lot, because I have been working on my singing pretty hard to get it where I think it should be. The songs and the guys give me the chance to create my own style and I am very happy with the songs of Rich.

Isn’t it hard to combine your work as a wrestler with Fozzy?

It can be but it isn’t at the moment. Because we just let the band grow with every record we make, more people get into the band, it is a slow process and nobody cares too much about it. It is a little difficult to do two jobs but I believe in what I do and I believe in the future.


How did you come in contact with Rich Ward (ex Stuck Mojo mainman)

We just met backstage at the WCW, started our friendship right away, we talked a while, I played in a band since I was 14 and later we formed a cover band for fun. That’s about three years ago.

In Europe, everything has to start yet. But what’s your status in the United States?

We play in clubs and we play as much as possible. We got a good following, of course not like Metallica. After a wrestling show we often play. But as I said, in many ways this is like a first record for us and we hope to expand.

There are a few famous guests on the album, names who are known in Europe too…

Yeah, Zakk Wylde plays on ‘Wanderlust’ and Marty Friedman on ‘Born Of Anger’. They did a great job and they are great guys. We have got the strength of the band, but we thought we could use some extras on certain tracks. So you’ll know we are not messing around here, we are serious in what we do.

As for this record Rich Ward did most of the songwriting while Chris did most of the lyrics. Do they live close to each other?

Chris sniggers: No, I live in Atlanta and Rich in Tampa, but the wonders of technology are there to do a lot of stuff with computer and phone. Especially on this record we spent a lot of time to make sure everything was right. He sent some demos out, I add some lyrics, things go back and forth, we just worked until everything was fine, even before entering the studio.

Where did you get the inspiration from?

It depends. If I see a cool phrase or a cool song title which struck me, I can base my lyrics on that. For example ‘Daze Of The Weak’ is a great song title with a whole concept. It’s a song about homeless people on the street, living in a box, they have no faith and it just started from that title.

Are there any tour plans?

We play quite a lot in America and we actually got a tour coming up in February in England. Another tour in England and Germany is coming up in April as well. We got a lot of fans around the world especially in Europe, in Japan, Australia… Actually we are going to make sure to do a full tour in autumn. We got a lot of feedback coming over from Europe, so I think we are going to have a chance to play there soon.

There is one person missing on the album: Andy Sneap…

He actually mixed both previous albums and played some guitar. He has been in the band for a little while but he lives in England. He couldn’t play as much as he wanted with us but he is still a great friend of ours and maybe in future we can do something together again. We have a show coming up in Nottingham, which is where he lives, so I am pretty sure he will show up on stage with us for a couple of songs. That would be big fun!


You have made a video clip for ‘Enemy’…

That’s correct yeah. We filmed it a couple of months ago in San Diego. It is going to be on MTV here and on much channels, hopefully MTV Europe as well. We hope to go over there and get it going. It’s about a guy who struggles to reach the top, he forces himself to climb up the stairs of a building, it’s a pretty deep video. We had made other videos before with more fun in it but it fits with our idea to do some other material and being more serious. I mean, we don’t take ourselves that serious as people but we definitely take our music seriously. We make sure to have a great time for everybody and when it comes to the record we give us for 100%.

You used to have a mascot, Arthur…

Yeah, the pig man. Just like every rockband I thought we would have a mascot and that’s the man with the piggy mask. Something like Eddy from Iron Maiden. He works with the band, he does a lot of stuff behind the scenes and loves to go crazy on stage. He’s a huge black metal fan and maybe he is more famous than anyone of the band haha.

The album is produced by Rick Beato. Who is that?

Rich knew him because he produced the demos from The Duke (a side project of Rich Ward). He worked with several bands and he is a very talented guy. In a wide range of styles. He is a musical genius, he plays anything. He helped us out in a magnificent way.

How did you get in touch with Bone Crusher, a rapper, quite a different style?

Through a friend of ours. It was quite amazing. He came down and it was fixed so quickly. We had an idea to do a rap part in one of the songs, not a whole rap song, but just a part, like Stuck Mojo style. We have got Alison Divine singing on that song too, she has the real Tina Turner vibe, Rich will do an album with her too.

Another side project is The Duke, a band consisting of most of the Fozzy line up but without the vocals of Chris. Rich will be singing there while he will do another record with Stuck Mojo in future too. But first the band concentrates on the release of the excellent Fozzy album!

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