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GAIA EPICUS: Victory 2007-01-26 power metal with bit of thrash
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Vera 8,5/10
nederlands Review

In 2003 ‘Satrap’ was my first encounter with the Norwegian power metal band Gaia Epicus. A meritorious album brimming with glorious hymns with high sing along capacities and with obvious Helloween and Gamma Ray influences all over. In that case, it did not bother me, because the band wrote sure-fire compositions and they played them ultra skilled and with verve.

Same can be said of this third album ‘Victory’ all along the line, but vocals, finger-blistering solos and production have improved once more. Recordings and production were done on locations with a proven name where you can be sure of a very decent result. The songs are recorded in a very short time (14 days!) at the Top Room Studios and mastering was done by Mika Jussila at the Finnvox Studios. If these names do not sound familiar to you, I am pretty sure you never read reviews.

The band – or rather the man who is in charge of everything Thomas Christian Hansen (vocals, guitars) – has been active since 1992 and they have survived many bad experiences. Recently again, some troubles with the Sound Riot label occurred, that is why they decided to release ‘Victory’ by the band itself (Epicus Records). Still more work for the band it means of course, but on the other hand you have total control over your work. I hope you all will be able to find ‘Victory’ in the shops, because it is worth buying. The band has renounced writing long epic tracks and so one can find eleven compact tracks on ‘Victory’ opulent of energy and regained warlike spirit. Gamma Ray fans will bump into lots of well-known elements – the cheerful choruses, the suddenly hectic accelerations – but there are some other things which will sound pretty familiar. For instance the intro of the, for the rest, very nice ‘Iron Curtain’, this is quite similar to ‘Seek & Destroy’ of Metallica. And ‘Revenge Is Sweet’ seems to be sung by Dave Mustaine, while the phenomenal thrash attack in the latter part of the song increases the Megadeth mark even more. Yet I do not want to hear a bad criticism of this band. After a few spins there appeared to be a large number of fetching songs on this album. Highlights are ‘Awaken The Monster’ (with grave blastbeat attack), the heavy (cross over of Metallica/Rage) ‘Through The Fire’ and indeed, the Megadethish ‘Revenge Is Sweet’ as well. Of course lots of praise goes to Thomas’ raspy vocals too. Folks who are in need of some sing along tunes in the car should select ‘The Sign’ and ‘Rise Of The Empire’. In brief, people who do not prefer challenging innovations, but are in the mood for a firm heavy old school power/speed metal album, should give this enthusiastic executed ‘Victory’ a decent chance.


Thomas Christian Hansen: guitars, vocals
Joakim “Jokke” Kjelstad: guitars, choirs
Hans Age Holmen: bass
Ole A Myrholt: drums


New Life (3:55)
Iron Curtain (6:51)
The Sign (5:42)
Revenge Is Sweet (2:53)
In Memory (1:47)
Awaken The Monster (5:17)
Rise Of The Empire (4:01)
When Darkness Falls (1:11)
Fortress Of Solitude (3:30)
Through The Fire (6:52)
Victory (4:33)


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