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PRYMARY: The Tragedy Of Innocence




PRYMARY: The Tragedy Of Innocence 2006 progressive rock/metal
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61:41 PRR350
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Daniëlla 9/10
nederlands Review
Seriously, deep and breathtaking! That’s what I got to say about this concept cd from Prymary: a band from Southern California. Twenty five years ago, Chris Quirarte’s wife was lost in a horrible tragedy: child abuse. The band has spent two years of hard work to get these results: a concept album that tells her way of struggling, surviving and trying to get things together.
It’s really amazing how the musicians have found the perfect way to mix hells emotions with very mature and complex rhythms and really heart grabbing lyrics!
It moves me when I hear this story from the start of the abuse: “even a child of five can see there is something wrong with this” through the years: “Broken, Unclean, dirty, empty, Crying, Love me, Hurt me, Leave me”, the moments of chaos, questions, introspection, desperation and the hunger for love.
This cd has a dark, heavy atmosphere that stays around you, but also masterpieces of guitar work, beautiful voices and a sense of humanity and great art!
For me: a masterpiece!


Mike Di Sarro: vocals
Sean Entrikin: guitars
Chris Quirarte: drums
James Sherwood: bass
Smiley Sean: keyboards
“Dirty Room Part I” (2:55)
“In My Shell” (7:34
“Soul Deceiver” (7:10)
"Oceans of Insolence” (5:54)
“AMiracle” (5:38)
“Born Again” (2:05)
“Only Love” (6:10)
“What Little Girls Are For” (9:35)
“Running Away” (7:00)
“Dirty Room Part II” (3:02)
“Ask the Angels” (5:45)
“Choices” (9:53)


Prymary (2003)
The Tragedy of Innocence (2006)

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