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Choice Of The Month Februari 2005



SILENT STREAM OF GODLESS ELEGY: Relic Dances 2005 folk ethno doom metal
Redblack s.r.o.
Playing Time Cat. N°
45:10 MRB 028
Review by Rating
Vera 9/10
nederlands Review

Silent Stream Of Godless Elegy is a solid value in the Czech metal scene. Between 1996 and 2000 the band released four albums, doom metal in the vein of My Dying Bride and Anathema, but enriched with ethnic elements. After they had won the Czech Grammy Award in the category ‘hard ‘n’ heavy’ for the album ‘Themes’ (2000), a silence fell around the band. Many line-up changes retarded the development process and in the end only guitarist/componist Radek Hajda remained from the original formation. A reborn band entered the studio in 2004 to record all their meanwhile written creations. The result is fuss-making and the production better than ever. An authentic Moravian ensemble contributed to the album and it was produced by Tomas Kocko, a famous name in Moravian folkloristic circles. That is why ‘Relic Dances’ has become an unique album where traditional music goes hand in hand with the heavy characteristics of doom metal. Doom as well as Moravian music have a firm portion of melancholy in themselves, so both extremes lend themselves to a harmonious synthesis. Yet SSOGE removes the boundaries of the genre with this album.

With ‘Look’ the tone is set what we can expect of this album. A constant violin play that, except for sadness, expresses the memory of primal inspiration My Dying Bride, rough growls from vocalist Pavel in contrast with those civilized, lovely vocals of Hanka and a the heavy base of a doom band. All this may suddenly twist to pure ethnic sounds when the ‘dulcimer ensemble Radosov’ gets free run. But these different atmospheres are fluently merged to a remarkable totality.

Cello and violin have a crucial role in all of the songs, tracks such as ‘To Face The End’ and ‘I Would Dance’ show some incidental ethnic elements, while the Moravian, slightly Oriental sounds are in the majority on the latter part of the album. A fine example of how dark doom metal fits well with sad ethnic chants is the almost eight minutes long track ‘Lonely’. More folkloric is the intro of ‘You Loved The Only Blood’ and the instrumental ‘Gigula’, one will be surprised that the use of foreign instruments can lead to this. Likewise ‘Trinity’ has this light exotic touch against them sturdy riffs and grunts against very catchy vocals of Hanka. A top class song! Hanka does the majority of the vocals, but the grunts are just that extra. ‘Relic Dances’ is a very original album that will attract the attention between so many releases. Don’t miss the band when they come back for concerts in the Netherlands and Belgium in March!


Pavel Hrncir: vocals
Hanka Nogolovà: vocals
Michal Sykora: cello
Petra Novackova: violin
Radek Hajda: guitars
Dusan Fojtasek: bass
Michal Rak: drums
Tomas Kocko: vocals, acoustic guitar, trombita, darbouka
Radosov Music Ensemble:
Radim Havlicek: 1st violin
Jiri Matela: 2nd violin
Petr Vyoral: clarinet, flutes
Petr Svetlik: dulcimer
Cenek Riha: viola
Roman Plasiryba: double bass


Look (4’32’’)
To Face The End (6’53’’)
I Would Dance (4’53’’)
Together (8’13’’)
You Loved The Only Blood (3’24’’)
Lonely (7’39’’)
Gigula (3’04’’)
Trinity (6’33’’)


Iron (1996)
Behind The Shadows (1998)
Themes (2000)
Relic Dances (2005)

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