Who Are We


PROG-NOSE is an initiative of Flemish music fans in order to promote progressive rock in general. The Flemish media have been denying this sublime music for the past 20 years until the PROG-NOSE team decided to make some changes. 

The first step in that direction was the making of a non-commercial website on may 30th 2001 and that was just the beginning.  Our main objectives are :

  • Offering progressive rock a fair place in Flemish musical landscape. We’ll keep in touch with various media.

  • Progressive rock is a family affair...a very nice one. We are going to try to unite as many family members as possible.

  • Organising concerts or supporting prog related events.

  • Providing you with useful information.

Progressive rock may not be as popular as it used to be, but there’s a lot of things going on…and on. Many bands from the past are still doing fine, while more recent bands are likely to become the true heirs of their illustrious predecessors.  PROG-NOSE will keep you informed about past, present and future by offering you the following items :

  • news : updates are regularly sent to our mailinglist or newsgroup…just join ‘m.

  • reviews : old and new material gathering together.

  • competition : lots of goodies are coming your way…hopefully.

  • concert agenda : find out where your favourite artist/band is currently playing.

  • specials : often in combination with a competition…or just nice pics.

  • interviews : everything you wanted to know about…but were afraid to ask for.

  • cd of the month : chosen by one of our co-operators.

The PROG-NOSE team consists of :

Will John Claude Jany  
Piet Danny Vera Walter Jelle

The following people made an interesting contribution :

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