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Last update: August 04, 2004

August 04, 2004

The Tangent

The second album by The Tangent is scheduled for release by Inside Out Music in October 2004. Like its predecessor, much of the work was done at a distance with the recording taking place in a number of locations in Sweden and the UK.

Writer and keyboards virtuoso Andy Tillison is here again joined by Flower Kings Roine Stolt (Electric Guitars/Vocals), Jonas Reingold (Bass Guitars), Zoltan Csorsz (Drums), as well as Guy Manning (Acoustic Guitars/vocals) and Sam Baine (Keyboards)... all familiar faces from the first album. Theo Travis (Gong.. Porcupine Tree etc) steps into David Jackson's shoes on Flute and Saxophones... this latter being the only lineup change from the first album

"The World That We Drive Through" is another blast of expertly constructed progressive rock music of the finest calibre. It advances from the first album, yet bases itself in the same arena. Tracks like "Skipping The Distance" and "The World We Drive Through" are exactly what people might expect in a second Tangent album... yet the altogether darker "Gap In The Night" pushes the Tangent into territories not explored on their debut CD.

'The World That We Drive Through' is a 60 minute album featuring one 20 minute epic and four 10 minute 'mini' epics
There will be a special edition - Book style (like Unfold The Future) featuring a bonus Andy Tillison solo instrumental 'epic' and pages of Ed's great artwork.


Pain of Salvation

Daniel: "BE" is scheduled for September/October and is still on schedule as I am writing this, I am very proud of this album and so I bring forth my best Paul Stanley and say without hesitation that this is by far our best album to this date! It will almost be painful to knock it down the ladder when eventually the time will come for our next album, sometime around the fall of 2018 or so (relax, just kidding). As a matter of fact the last 12 months have been our most productive ever, with the writing and live production of "BE", the writing, performance and recording of 12:5 and now the "BE" album getting ready for shipment. And then there might possibly be a DVD coming out later this year, who knows...? And in the middle of all this we actually managed to play a few live shows, and I have built my studio from scratch, as well as being on tours and recording the new album with the Flower Kings, and doing the Hammer of the Gods thing with Portnoy and appearances on the Spastic Ink and Genius II albums. Looking back at these months, I honestly don't know how we have managed to accomplish all this.

This was a message from Daniel on July 31st. On , you’ll find as release date September 27th.


Michael Pinnella

Enter Through The Twelfth Gate (2004)

First solo album by Symphony X keyboard player!


01. The White Room
02. Edge Of Insanity
03. Piano Concerto#1 mvt.1
04. Enter By The 12th Gate
05. Falling From The Sky
06. Welcome To My Daydream
07. Piano concerto #1 mvt.2
08. Piano concerto #1 mvt.3
09. Live for the day
10. *Scriabin Etude OP.42 no5 *
11. Moracan Lullaby
12. Departing for Eternity
13. Cross the Bridge


The Jellly Jam

Fans of Platypus will be ecstatic to learn that, despite the departure of keyboardist Derek Sherinian, the group’s three remaining members – guitarist/singer Ty Tabor, bassist John Myung, and drummer Rod Morgenstein – are soldiering on as The Jelly Jam.

Their second album “2” will be released on September 13th



Echolyn is finally releasing an official live recording (on September 7th) and it’s a DVD to boot! The DVD is more than a just a live show, lots of cool clips, (some incriminating). Can’t wait till you see it! Pre-Orders are OFFICIALLY BEGINNING!!! Head on over to the DVD website to find out how to order your copy!!!

Stars and Gardens will be available on September 7. It consists of two (2) DVD’s. DVD One is 150 minutes of echolyn on stage. DVD Two is 70 minutes of echolyn’s past that must be seen.

Message from Greg Kull:
"There is a band that needs to be seen live. This band is echolyn. Yes, the studio albums are wonderful and to them we listen. But echolyn was and is more than their albums. Stars and Gardens is echolyn. For many, the footage here on these DVD’s may be their first look at one of the most remarkable American bands of our time. Enjoy the performance. Enjoy the artistry. Enjoy the embrace. For other’s, like myself, watching Stars and Gardens helps us feel as we did when we sat in the theaters and clubs that housed the intensity that is echolyn. Stars and Gardens forever captures not only the music but it also showcases, astonishingly well, the people who are the music”


Gentle Giant

Giant On The Box (DVD)
At last: an official Gentle Giant concert DVD! It includes:

  1. 1974 concert from German TV station ZDF: Cogs in Cogs, Proclamation, Funny Ways, The Runaway, Experience, Features from Octopus, Advent of Panurge, So Sincere. [50 minutes]
  2. 1975 US TV concert from the Terrace Theater, Long Beach, California: Experience, Features from Octopus, Advent of Panurge, Funny Ways. [30 minutes]
  3. Szene '74: rare footage from the 1974 tour from German television station BRW. [3 minutes]
  4. Baroque & Roll: black & white footage and interview from Italian television. [22 minutes]
  5. Photo gallery from Gary Green's private collection. [36 photos]

PLUS: Original music (during the DVD menus) by Kerry Minnear!

PLUS: Bonus audio CD of the ZDF concert!

The DVD is NTSC format and plays in all regions.

Order online directly from the band! (We also still sell the Gentle Giant CDs "Under Construction" and "In a Glass House.")


After The Silence

Singer After The Silence on maternity leave

On Saturday August 7th, After The Silence will perform in the “So What” in Ede (Holland), together with Reviver. This gig will also be the start of Ingrid’s maternity leave, who’s expecting her second baby around september 10th. The band has been busy rehearsing with singer Carmen Agtsteribbe, who will replace Ingrid for this period. The gig on august 7th will also be the first gig for Carmen with After The Silence.

After The Silence is a female fronted melodic hardrock / metalband with symfonic-, classical- and also progressive Rock influences. In fact; because of so many several musical backgrounds of all After The Silence bandmembers, it isn't really possible to reduce their music toward one particular musical style.

Line Up
Ingrid van den Hof - van den Berg: Leadvocals
Willem van den Hof: Guitars
Ardy van Breemen: Guitars
Marcel van Rooij: Bassguitar / Vocals
Edward van Galen: Drums
Joop de Rooij: Keys

Meer info;




Music For Nations closed down.
Music For Nations, Anathema's record label, has officially closed it's doors due to takeovers involving Zomba and Sony-BMG.
We are now out of contract and currently considering new offers. Any companies wishing to contact us about our current situation can reach us @

Anathema will play as guests for Blackfield in London
We are pleased to announce that we will be playing a special acoustic show at London's Mean Fiddler as special guests to Blackfield, a new project featuring Steven Wilson of Porcupine Tree and Aviv Geffen.

Anathema DVD “Were You There”
The release date for the Anathema DVD 'Were You There' has unfortunately been put back just a few weeks. We will have an official release date for you soon.
The DVD will contain a full live show recorded on the recent 'A Natural Disaster' tour and an acoustic concert performed with a string quartet from the Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra. Plus videos, live clips and other extra features.

For the same reason, Opeth is also searching for a new label



Message from the band:

We are GARGANTUA, a group of young people who has just recorded their first album under the same name. We would like to get you interested in our music. Our webpage:

We come from Krakow. We have already been playing for several years experimenting with original hybrid music which is quite challenging to be classified. Some define it as intellectual rock with fusion elements. Some notice the inspiration coming from “Gentle Giant”, jazz-rock avant-garde of the 70-ies or King Crimson. 

Our debute CD record came out from the Warsaw agency called Ars Mundi which also takes care of its distribution.




In the year 2000 the Dutch progrock band Ricocher started to conquer the world with their music. The current line-up consists of Erwin Boerenkamps (vocals, accoustic guitar), Bart van Helmond (guitars), John van Heugten (keyboards), Maikel van der Meer (drums) and Niels Nijssen (bass guitar). At this moment Ricocher has two releases, the first is the EP "Quest for the Heartland" and the second one is the CD "Cathedral of Emotions". The new release "Chains" will once again prove the importance of melody and structure that is one of the main pillars in the music of Ricocher.

Artwork: Mattias Norén


Dave Bainbridge (Iona)

“Veil of Gossamer” is the first solo release by Iona co-founder Dave Bainbridge. The album is an ambitious project in which Dave further extends the musical vision he has brought to Iona’s music for the past 15 years, skilfully blending together ethereal atmospheres and haunting vocal textures, with his earthy, soaring guitar work and memorable, uplifting melodies. Thematically, the album explores the thin “veil” between this life and the next.


Jordan Rudess

Jordan Rudess' new solo album "Rhythm of Time" will be released by Magna Carta on August 31st, 2004. "Rhythm of Time" features Joe Satriani, Steve Morse, Vinnie Moore and Greg Howe on guitar, Dave LaRue on bass, Rod Morgenstein on drums and Kip Winger on vocals on two tracks.

The tracklisting is as follows:

1. Time Crunch
2. Screaming Head
3. Insectsamongus
4. Beyond Tomorrow (with Kip Winger)
5. Bar Hopping With Mr Picky
6. What Four
7. Ra
8. Tear Before The Rain (with Kip Winger)


July 18, 2004

Mostly Autumn

Live Dates

After a lot of gigs in the UK and one in Spain from July till December (check out ) they fly over to Belgium and Holland for 4 gigs in December.

Don’t forget to mark December 15th in your agenda when Mostly Autumn is coming to Antwerp. (organised by )


Beyond The Labyrinth

After 3 and a half years, rock band Beyond The Labyrinth (Belgium) comes with a new line-up, a new web site AND a Fan Club !

Rock band Beyond The Labyrinth - they describe their music as being "Epic Rock"- are back, after more than three years of existence as a studio project only, with a new line-up, that is a mixture of seasoned veterans and young talent.

Next to main man Geert Fieuw (guitar, keyboards, songwriting) we find:

  • Jo De Boeck: Top Class singer - people who have already seen him live can only confirm!
  • Frederic "Fre" Ost: young and gifted guitar wonder.
  • Filip Vinck: Skills and power, a classical approach to drum playing with a modern touch.
    Yann de Ceukelaire: polyvalent musician on 6-string bass.
  • Danny Focke: our keyboard player, the only other musician left over from the previous line-up in 2000. (undersigned)

More info on the site :

On the site, you'll also find the home to the Beyond The Labyrinth Fan Club, maintained by some of the better halfs of the band members.
To launch the Fan Club, they give away free CD's throughout the month of July to new members.
Inscription in the fan Club is free, but there is also a  (paying) gold Member arrangement with more advantages.

Fact Sheet :

  • Half of the band members play several instruments, inside or outside the band. This helps to understand the musical arrangements of the other band members, but it also generates an active interchange of musical ideas.
  • 2/3 of the band already shared the stage, back in 2001, at the famous Progpower festival in Baarlo-Holland, playing a showcase for the Beyond The Labyrinth studio project
  • Jo, Fre and Geert play together in an acoustic cover band called "Back To Life"
  • The new line-up will be presented on november 27th 2004, venue to be announced.


Zoltan Csorsz

Limited Edition "Red Flower" DVD

A new Limited Edition DVD entitled "Red Flower" will be available exclusively during the upcoming European tour, and later this year through Zoltan Csorsz's website when it is finished. If you would like a copy, you can email Zoltan and he will put your name on a list and save a copy for you.

The DVD will be released on August 20th and will contain over 3 hours of material, including:

  • Footage from "Live in New York" (official Bootleg)
  • Fan Club Convention from New Jersey
  • Jamming on stage
  • Zoltan talent show when he was 9 years old
  • Jonas and Zoltan in 1992 playing in a Club
  • Zoltan's different projects
  • Live recordings from Canada, Germany, Poland, England and other countries
  • And more cool stuff...


Swedish Family

At last.....The ProgWorld's Spinal Tap.....
We can now offer you a digital remastered CD with the most popular songs of the "Swedish Family"!!

After months of hard work, restoring the original tapes from way back, we can proudly present the album "Vintage Prog". "Vintage Prog" is a collecters item including the greatest hits from all 10 albums! From the first album "Sdj det pe ryska"(Success in Moscow)" to "Hungrig i Ungern" (Hungry in Hungary)....

Behind the Swedish Family are names that forever belong to the prog-history, Redar Gitsdorf- guitar, Veke Berg-Bass, Hadde Wattnet-Drums, Inge Naning-Rhodes Piano/Minimoog, Bo Dean-Hammondorgan, Britt-Marie-tamburin and of course all the guest stars.

The Swedish Family was one of the top bands in the late sixties, early seventies. They kept on going for almost 10 years. The band was a true inspiration to most of the bands during this period. "Swedish Family" picked up there melodies from the tradition of Swedish folkmusic, rock and classic styles. They blended it all into this, one of kind mix. A style that became so well known. "Vintage Prog" is the first re-release of the Swedish Family and also a perfect chance to get all the top songs together and in a digital quality.

The CD is going to be released end of july 2004. If you are interested and want to know how to get your copy, please send an email to



Everybody has heard or should have heard about “Kalevala”
"A Finnish Progressive Rock Epic" (MUSEA FGBG 4463)
based on the Finnish National Epic KALEVALA

If you don’t know about it, check out or

But in september there’s going to be the release of:

The Spaghetti Epic
"Six Modern Prog Bands For Six '70 Prog Suites"

Due to the great demand from bands to take part in one of our COLOSSUS-projects, we decided that it was time to give some attention to a source of inspiration that has never been associated with the progressive music genre: THE SPAGHETTI WESTERN

The intention is to publish a progressive rock concept album (double-CD) based on the famous film by Sergio Leone called "Once Upon a Time in the West" (1968).

The story has been divided in 6 chapters same as the number of bands participating, each band has chosen one chapter and will make a suite inspired by it.

The total length of each suite should be 25 minutes maximum. The sound must be early 70's Italian progressive music, like Museo Rosenbach, PFM, Banco, Le Orme, Latte e Miele, etc.

Original 70's keyboards (Hammond, Moog, Mellotron, Fender Rhodes, Grand Piano etc.) are preferred and no loops, drum machines or other 80's - 90's digital sounds are allowed.

The project will be released also as a triple LP limited edition.

Release date: September 2004

And that’s not all:

After this one, there are projects coming named Colossus, Odyssey, Groovector and Spaghetti 2. You can read all about them on


Inside Out

New releases announced by

California Guitar Trio

Paul Richards, Bert Lams and Hideyo Moriya release their newest album “Whitewater”, produced by Tony Levin (who will join them on stage). Release date: August 16th.


New project from Andy Kuntz, frontman of Vanden Plas. Release date: August 30th.



November 19, 2004: DVD recording in ‘de Boerderij’ in Zoetermeer

Plackband is going to release a DVD!

The live recording will be at ‘de Boerderij’ in Zoetermeer (Holland) on November 19, 2004.
Plackband will use some special light and video effects for this live concert.
The DVD will contain the live performance, pictures, extra videos and a video clip!!!

If you never saw Plackband, then this is your chance and if you already saw them, you know what you can expect. Don’t miss it: Friday November 19!
The show will be full of surprises!
Come to the ‘de Boerderij’ and be part of the DVD.


Dutch Prog Night

For the second time, there will be a Dutch Prog Night in the Spirit of 66 in Verviers (Belgium).

Last year, the line up was Nice Beaver, Flamborough Head and Plackband. This year you can see Knight Area, Mangrove and ....... yes, again Plackband!

Plackband had the honour to open the festival last year, but now they play as last act on this second sympho rock evening!

At that time, they still performed with vocalist Kees Bik. The new singer Karel Messemaker was already singing a few songs for a unique acoustic reunion with November. Or wasn’t it a coincidence, after all?

On December 19th, 2004, these three Dutch prog bands will surprise you with a spectacular show. Francis Geron from the Spirit of 66 will proove once more that he’s the master of a perfect prog sound in his establishment!



Sideways is a Dutch symphonic rock band that’s not afraid of a challenge. Complex song structures larded with changes in tempo but still emphasizing on the melody.

Alex Visser: vocals, Gerwin Gabry: guitar, Berry Hoogeveen: drums,
Tom van der Hulst: bass, Juriaan Visser: keyboards

Info and samples on



Pete Wallbridge and the band have parted company, Stu Nicholson has announced. Stu reports:

Pete is no longer a part of Galahad due to a number of reasons which we will not dwell upon. It was always a possibility that he wouldn't be in it for the long term being so young and errr... unpredictable!

But a replacement is already in situ, in the form of Scots-born Mike Kneller. Says Stu:

Now we are looking forward to the future and are pleased to announce that Mike Kneller, whom we have known for a while, has taken over Bass Guitar duties. Mike has had a lot of experience in playing, writing and recording over the years plus and perhaps more importantly he like the odd tipple so he fits in just fine! He has also already made a very positive contribution during the last few band rehearsal sessions towards the writing of new material for the next album for which recording should commence shortly.



Message from Richocher:

The spring tour of Ricocher has ended by now. We like to thank everybody who attended one of these gigs. You find pictures of that night on our site.

We also wish to thank everybody who already ordered a copy of our newest album If you want to order it, just go to

Mattias Norén did the artwork for the new CD.

The presentation of the CD will be on Friday November 26 in ‘de Bosuil’ in Weert (Holland).



Message from Salmon:

Last friday, we have had a wonderful time in Atlantis during our CD-presentation concert! We would like to thank you all for your presence in large numbers, your warm enthusiasm and the purchases of our CD's! Music colleague Jos Witsenburg of Fluxury has made some nice pictures of our performance. See their site: Fluxury and listen to this symfo-band! Thanks, Jos!

Our second CD "When the dust settles..." is available! You can listen to musicsamples via Music. Please order via Orderform. SPECIAL OFFER: BOTH OUR CD'S FOR A PACKAGE DEAL PRICE OF 25,- EURO!



Press Release:

After a long period of fruitful musical co-operation, the band Lorian from Amsterdam has decided to go on as two bands, because there were different opinions about the future of the band.

Marc Besselink (vocals/piano) and Jeroen Vriend (bass) have decided to leave the band and go on with the project “Life Cycle”. They will also write new songs with Rob de Jong (guitar) and Gijs Bierenbroodspot (drum) with the band “KRAMER”.

Picture: Hans-Peter van Velthoven

More info about the band on


Sérgio Benchimol


This is the first solo work of Sérgio Benchimol, guitar player, saxophonist and keyboardist of Semente and True Illusion bands.

The CD follows a concept of duality (inheritance of the A and B sides of vinyl), as the title already demonstrates. Basically this work is divided in two parts. The first (the A side) is lighter on which piano and acoustic guitar predominate, with constant presence of drums, flute, cello, percussion and oboe. The mellotron timbre and the saxophones appear in some solos.. The “side B”, the second part, is heavier, with a perfect fusion of rock and jazz. Guitars, moog timbres and saxophones combined with drums, complex passages and tempos, and reminds a little of the seventies Canterbury British school of Prog Rock, with light touches of jazz. The CD also has space for some folk.

Distribution: Rock Progressivo Brasil -

MP3 samplers at


Nick Magnus

Hexameron is the new concept album by Nick Magnus (Composer, Producer, Keyboard Player & Hackett collaborator for 11 years)

The album contains a mix of prog and symphonic rock with a strong emphasis on themes & melody

Special guests include...
Steve Hackett: Guitar
John Hackett: Flute
Geoff Whitehorn (Procol Harum): Guitar
Pete Hicks (Steve Hackett Band): Vocals
Tony Patterson (ReGenesis): Vocals

Camino Records


June 29, 2004


Extra European Tour






Mon 13

St Lievens Houtem, Belgium

De Fabriek

Online: FNAC, ConC
In Person: FNAC storess across Belgium and France, and from Venue Box Office

Tue 14



Coming Soon

Thur 16



Online: Ticket Service

Sat 18


Space Day

More Details In Special Events

New Single

The new single "Don't Hurt Yourself" is released in the UK, Holland, and Germany on July 12th; we're hoping we can match the success of "You're Gone." Hopefully you'll be hearing it on the radio over the next few weeks, and also watching the new video - which has been sent out to all the TV channels.  Please help by pre-ordering your singles from your local retailer or for by pre-ordering it online at


1. Don't Hurt Yourself [Single Edit]
2. Fantastic Place [Live]
3. The Damage [Live]
4. Don't Hurt Yourself [Video]

1. Don't Hurt Yourself [Single Edit]
2. Angelina [Steven Wilson Mix]


Neal Morse

Mike Portnoy working on new prog album with Neal Morse

Mike Portnoy joined Neal Morse on June 3rd, 2004, to record a new progressive rock album. Please visit for Neal Morse's indepth studio diary and exclusive photos from the studio.

From that site : We've ended up with a tracklisting that looks something like this (with very rough timings shown) :

Long song #1

17 minutes

The Man's Gone

  3 minutes

Author Of Confusion

10 minutes

Long Song #2

17 minutes

Cradle To The Grave

  5 minutes

Spirit And The Flesh

10 minutes

Father Of Forgiveness

  5 minutes

One Voice

10 minutes

It all comes out at about 79 minutes – just short enough to fit on one CD – praise God !


Porcupine Tree

Porcupine Tree are still in the studio working on their new album. 14 tracks are in various states of progress, from which the final running order of 9 or 10 will be selected:

So Called Friend
Open Car
The Start of Something Beautiful
Arriving Somewhere But Not Here
Glass Arm Shattering
Mother and Child Divided
Mellotron Scratch

They hope to have some audio clips available later in the Summer as the album nears completion.

Contrary to rumours the album remains untitled at present, and no release date is confirmed.



Message from Stuart (from the Galahad Mailing list)

Room 801 is after YOUR opinion. As you will have read on the site, work on the next GALAHAD studio album is well under way; it's more than just a twinkle in the band's collective eye. But even at this stage, there's still an opportunity to influence how the recording will work out.

There's a thread running on this very subject on our new forum right now. As Dean Baker puts it, "Should we try and keep our progressive roots or break away into a much more commercial sound?" Whatdyathink? Views of all persuasions are warmly welcomed.

Just visit to put your oar in.

All the best,

Stu Cormie



The newest album by Saens (France)

Prophet In A statistical World

... freely inspired by famous anticipation novels and dystopian stories :

1984 - George Orwell
Brave New World - Aldous Huxley
Time Machine - H. G. Wells
This perfect Day - Ira Levin

It’s the occasion to rediscover these masterpieces that may reveal themselves as terrible prophecies of our our so civilized world...

Don't be afraid ! Come over
here and take a look at their...



Hubi Meisel


The production of Hubi Meisel's 3rd album is in progress and Hubi has just entered the studio again. Likewise EmOcean (Lion Music, 2004), the next album will become a complex concept album with international top-class musicians.

The new line up is:
Hubi Meisel - vocals
Vivien Lalu - keys (Shadrane)
Marcel Coenen - guitars (Sun Caged)
Jorge Salán - guitars (José Andrea, Mago de Oz)
Daniel Flores - drums (Mind's Eye)
Johan Niemann - bass (Therion)

The release is scheduled for spring/summer 2005.



On June 25, the debut album of Lion Music's the new international Power Metal project BOOK OF REFLECTIONS will be released. Hubi has recorded vocals for 3 tracks of this album, which features Vitalij Kuprij (Artension), Andy Engberg (Ex-Lion's Share), Lars Eric Mattson and more! The album will also be available in Japan via King Records.

Further information & MP3s on
This album can also be ordered at a fair price in Hubi's online shop!


Short News

  • Steve Hackett
    The audio visual department of the Steve Hackett site has been burning the midnight oil to bring you exclusive live GTR footage, and it's now available for streamin' from the Hackett website. Go here ...
    For those of you who don't know (if any!), GTR was a group formed in the '80's by Steve Howe from Yes and Steve Hackett, recording just one studio album before disbanding - therefore live footage is pretty scarce!

  • Blackfield
    If you want to see a clip of the Blackfield album by Steven Wilson and his friend Aviv Geffen go to

  • John Wesley
    Those of you in the US will have a chance to catch our favourite 'tour guitarist' again soon - John Wesley is supporting Marillion on their upcoming US tour!
    Tour dates are here:

  • Dead Soul Tribe

    The new Dead Soul Tribe album “The January Tree” will be released on August 30th by

  • Ayreon

    By the end of July, Inside Out Music will release a special edition of the Ayreon albums,  “Universal Migrator”. Both albums will be packed as a double CD.


June 11, 2004


Here's an exclusive preview of the cover of Threshold's forthcoming studio album Subsurface. The album is due for release on August 3rd.

Track List

1. Mission Profile (8.15)
2. Ground Control (7.10)
3. Opium (6.47)
4. Stop Dead (4.18)
5. The Art Of Reason (10.17)
6. Pressure (5.13)
7. Flags And Footprints (4.57)
8. Static (5.06)
9. The Destruction Of Words (6.10)


Mac: vocals
Karl Groom: guitars
Nick Midson: guitars
Richard West: keyboards
Steve Anderson: bass
Johanne James: drums



The release of Asia's new studio album "Silent Nation" has been delayed for about a month. The release dates are now:

- August 30 in Europe
- August 31 in North America

In addition, their label, InsideOut, has posted the following on their US web site:

"Asia will offer their fans a choice when their new album Silent Nation comes out August 31. It will be available in both a standard, music-only version, and as a special edition that comes with a DVD called 'The Making Of Silent Nation.' The DVD will have new interviews with the band members and footage of them working on 'Silent Nation.' Asia is planning a summer tour of North America. The first announced show is June 16th at the DTE Energy Music Theatre in Clarkston, Michigan, on a bill with Kansas."



***Next single announced!
Due to the huge chart success of Ayreon - The Human Equation, we are happy to announce the next single to be released is an alternative version of 'Day Sixteen: Loser' called 'Loser'. It will be the so-called 'Star One version'. Joost van den Broek (Star One, After Forever) and Arjen Lucassen battle it out in a true-to-form keyboard versus guitar battle, with electric violin by Robert Baba thrown in for good measure. Also
Peter Vink (Star One) recorded new bass guitar especially for the single. And Ed Warby added some extra 'zing' to his performance also.

Track list:
Loser (Star One Version)
How You Gonna See Me Now (Alice Cooper cover by
Mike Baker and Arjen Lucassen)
Into the Black Hole (recorded live at 'Stairway to Heaven' Pre-release party April 18, 2004)
Castle Hall (special acoustic version feat. Ewa Albering on flute and Dewi Kerstens on cello, vocals by Irene Jansen)

Release date: 19 july 2004.



Message from Lorian (Holland)

On May 22nd, Lorian had a gig in Antwerp with the Belgian band Mindgames. You can see some nice pictures of that show on the Prog-Nose site (thanks to Jany)

Lorian closed the gig with the track “The Last Chord”, and it turned out to have a symbolic value...

After 3 years of coöperation, there are some changes in the line-up of Lorian.
Marc Besselink (vocals/piano/composer) has decided to get on with the Life Cycle project on his own. He’s forming a new band with bass player Jeroen Vriend.

It’s still unkown which name they will use. If you have questions, mail them to

The remaining members of Lorian, Pepijn (synthesizer/composer), Eric (drums) and Rene (guitar) continue with Lorian and will search for new members on a short notice. They are working on some new symphonic material. More about this in the usual Lorian Newsletter. For questions about this, mail to

You can find more information on

Lorian wishes to thank you for the enthousiasm during the last years. We hope to meet you soon, in front of one of the stages in Holland and/or Belgium.


Eric, Marc, Pepijn, Jeroen and Rene


Day Six

Day Six wins the national band contest “Metalbattle 2004”.
End of May, we’ve played in the final rounds of Metalbattle,
Atak, Enschede.(Holland)
The results of the evening:
1. Day Six - 2.
See my Solution – 3. Stronghold– 4. Another Messiah
We’ve won 14 our of recordings at the
“Harrow studio”, Losser, where we also recorded our debut album “Eternal Dignity”. And next year we’ll be playing at the final rounds of Metalbattle 2005 during the jury-considerations.
Because of the high quality of the bands and the very good atmosphere between them, the idea grow to set up a “Metalbattle final bands package”. Hopefully you’ll hear more about that later on.
For more info, check the
"Metalbattle website”.


Alan Parsons

The new Alan Parsons album "A Valid Path" will be released August 2004 by:

  • US: 5.1 Entertainment
  • Europe: Eagle Rock
  • Japan: TBA

This will be the first record without his long-time bandmates Ian Bairnson, and Stuart Elliott. The new album will take Alan in a new direction and into the world of electronica.

Artists appearing on this record include: Nortec Collective, The Crystal Method, Shpongle, PJ Olsson, and Pink Floyd's David Gilmour.

The cover artwork for "A Valid Path" (left) was created by Storm Thorgerson. (Pink Floyd artwork)


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